The Lloyd’s Millennium Project

In its 300-year history Lloyd’s has a tradition of marking important events with an iconic portrait of all those associated with the organisation.   The artworks are now housed in the Richard Rogers-designed building in the City of London.

I was asked to produce a large ImageSculpture to commemorate the turn of the Third Millennium

The resulting ImageSculpture comprises a 360 degree image of the main trading floor (“The Room”) of the Lloyd’s Richard Rogers building.   The structure, measuring 9.93 metres by 2.6 metres, is made up of eleven curved metal panels arranged in a semi-circle creating a bowl-like structure.   Each of the panels supports one of the eleven photographic images which together record the 360 radius of “The Room”.   While the structure itself makes reference to the exterior design of the building, the images it supports record a cumulative portrait of approximately one thousand individual people associated with Lloyd’s at the turn of the millennium.   The work is now permanently sited in “The Room” whose image it reflects.